Drum Glove

A handmade MIDI Glove controller that can trigger any virtual MIDI device in any DAW using Arduino and Hairless MIDI Serial Converter. Currently set up with Arduino Uno, Hairless MIDI Serial and Ableton Live 9. 

Color Keys

A MIDI controller that generates stereo sound and color.

Using a MIDI keyboard and Ableton Live to capture and play MIDI notes, a custom MAX/Jitter patch then maps these MIDI values to color values to be displayed on a screen or projected. 

The MIDI input is split into two different channels in Ableton, one panned left, the other right. 

The left channel, called "Order" takes the incoming MIDI values and sends them through an arpeggiator in Ableton Live.  These values are then converted to color in MAX/Jitter and are displayed on the left side of the screen. 

The right channel called "Chaos" is exactly the same but passes the MIDI values through a randomizer, creating unpredictable color changes and dissonant harmonies.

The user is able to choose how much Order or Chaos they would like via a knob on the keyboard.  A turn to the left not only brings down the volume of the right channel, but also fades it to black, while increasing the volume and the brightness of the left channel and display, respectively.

Inspired by synesthesia and the balance between chaos and order necessary in music, art and life.

Programming, filming, editing and sound design by Austin Eterno.